2 thoughts on “Read My Work

  1. I am compelled to question your choice of the word “Malaise” for your Nome deplume/Avatar.
    You mention alliteration appeals to you. Please explain. As a student of Political History, the malaise
    period was the Carter presidency’s sobriquet.


    1. The classic car community has adopted Carter’s catchphrase to apply to cars that were built under the influence of outside forces such as safety and emissions regulations. For a time, this led to increased weight and reduced power but ultimately brought about the world we live in today with powerful, yet (comparatively) clean-burning engines. It was journalist Murilee Martin who applied “malaise” to a vehicular design epoch first, but it wasn’t meant kindly. Within the Malaise Motors universe, however, we view the “M word” as a term of endearment. Incidentally, we bookend the era as 1972-1995, for in 1972 the Clean Air Act began to bight and manufacturers started cranking down compression ratios in anticipation of the unleaded gasoline. In 1995, OBD-II was adopted almost wholesale across the auto industry, ushering in standardized, modern engine management.


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